The township of Anakie is situated between Geelong and Bacchus March, and is situated at the foothills of the Brisbane Ranges. The ranges are made up of three hills known as the Three Sisters. The local Aboriginal people called them ‘Anyayi’ which translates as ‘multiple birth’ or ‘triplets’. They were originally known as ‘the three brothers’, but this was changed to ‘the three sisters’ – Elaine, Maude and Meredith.

Anakie was the last town of Corio Shire to be established. The first settlement in our area was Frederick Griffin’s Station, until the subdivision of his land in the 1850’s. Unlike most other towns in the early European settlement of Victoria, Anakie was formed by schools and churches. The town housed a hotel, a Presbyterian Church and two schools. A Common School was built in 1871 on land donated by the Presbyterian Church, and this school became State School No 1910 in 1874.

At this time Anakie was in the Meredith Shire, although moves were afoot among the residents to have Anakie severed from Meredith and added to the Corio Shire.

The population of the village and neighborhood fell from around 500 in 1856 to 200 in 1879. This was probably due to many who had tried their hand at farming and gave up in the struggle.

Today, the land around Anakie is occupied by grazing, crops, and vineyards.

“Our Vision”

At Anakie Primary School, we are a community of learners who work, learn and play together to achieve success. This is prioritized through a safe and positive learning environment, where high expectations are in place across all levels to achieve positive school outcomes.

We have a strong, shared vision to instill commitment, confidence and high expectations to achieve life long learning by:

– ensuring a safe, secure and positive learning environment
– developing young people who are engaged, motivated and challenged to fulfil their potential
– engaging the very best teachers who are knowledgeable and passionate about providing the very best opportunities for all learners to achieve school success
– developing strong partnerships with other schools, community organisations and businesses
– providing a comprehensive learning program based on the Victoria Curriculum
– offering a program that prioritises individual student learning goals
– currently offering a Visual Arts, Science, Physical Education and MARC Van program taught by specialist teachers
– offering a comprehensive Information Technology, Indonesian and Values program
– ensuring strong partnership with parents and families

As a small rural school, we have a current enrolment of 66 students across three classes (P/1/2, 3/4 and 5/6). Student/Teacher ratios are low, with 4 classroom teachers supporting a differentiated learning program across these 3 classrooms. Our specialist teachers also implement morning reading and writing intervention groups to support students who may be achieving above or below the expected standard in these curriculum areas.

While having all of the benefits of a small school, Anakie Primary School is also part of the Moorabool Valley Association (MVA). Together with other small rural schools, the students at Anakie have access to sporting opportunities and a camping program. The school also has a strong community partnership with the Anakie Community House and there is a strong and trusting relationship between the parents and staff, with high levels of parent participation on School Council, as school helpers and in the form of a vibrant Parents and Friends Association (see Parent Information tab).

The school is a community of learners who support and encourage each other to reach their personal goals and be the best they can be. The learning program caters for students across all stages of learning, with individualised goals in literacy and numeracy. The school has a visible learning approach, where student data is in the hands of the students and learning growth is celebrated through data walls.

Teachers employ a number of flexible means to ensure both internal and external environments are utilized as learning spaces. Externally, the school maintains additional quiet seating areas for students, as well as safe and secure play spaces within a rural backdrop.

“About us”

Beautiful Anakie Primary School is nestled at the base of the Brisbane Ranges, and offers a unique rural environment to support all of its students to succeed. Being a small school, we are able to offer a personalized, positive and inclusive learning environment. At Anakie, our teachers know each and every student as both a person and as a learner, so we are able to ensure a unique and differentiated learning program.

Both the indoor and outdoor learning environments are unique and engaging, and provide a safe and stimulating setting which support our students to achieve excellence each day. Though we are a small school, we are an incredibly great school.

So that our students can achieve their very best, high expectations are in place across all aspects of school life at Anakie Primary. Our students proudly wear their full school uniform every day, and try their hardest during learning blocks, ensuring that their learning is undertaken in a positive, engaging and collaborative manner.

We acknowledge the importance of the home/school connection, and offer a very welcoming environment to all members of our school community. It is through strong partnerships that we can achieve the very best outcomes for our students, and we believe that connectivity and belonging is integral to achieve this.

Anakie Primary School has small class sizes and low teacher/student ratios, space to learn and grow, and a beautiful new school building which has been purpose built for 21st Century, collaborative learning.

Anakie Primary School is an exciting and dynamic school, which is committed to educational excellence. We will provide you with the benefits of a small school, aligned with the opportunities of a big school.

Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you would like further information on our unique and positive programming, or would like to arrange a time to tour our beautiful educational setting.

We look forward to meeting prospective families so as to provide your child with a positive transition to Anakie Primary School, a transition which will mark the beginning of a great new partnership to ensure personal, interpersonal and academic schooling success.