Anakie Primary School offers a comprehensive and well-resourced curriculum that currently uses the Victorian Essential Learning Standards but which will move into the Australian Curriculum.

There is a strong emphasis on innovative literacy and numeracy programs.  Students learn these essential skills through explicit teaching, a differentiated program and a personalised approach.  We encourage our students to set personal goals in Literacy and Numeracy.

Students learn about the world around them using an Inquiry Approach finding and sourcing answers for BIG questions.  This approach also emphasises the development of research skills, independent decision making, problem solving and cooperative learning. This balanced curriculum plan ensures that all domains and educational priorities are addressed.

Anakie Primary School offers excellent ICT facilities that include desktop, notebook, netbook and iPad devices available to use throughout the curriculum.


Anakie Primary School is dedicated to providing a wide range of experiences to all students.  We are a part of the Moorabool Valley Association which enables us to join with other small schools in the area to play sport participate in athletics and cross country and provide a comprehensive camping program to all students in Years 3 – 6 and an overnight sleepover for students in Years P/1/2.

Anakie Primary School offers a subsidised swimming program through the Parents and Friends Association.  We have a gardening program and a community partnership with Parks Victoria.  Anakie Primary School is also involved in Anakie Community events, The Geelong Show and presents a School Concert each year.



To ensure all students feel a part of our school community we offer several sessions where students ‘buddy’ up with an older or a younger student.  Activities may include personal development sessions, special activities or activities to promote getting along, cooperation and friendship.