Anakie Primary School offers a comprehensive and well-resourced curriculum based on the Victoria Curriculum.
There is a strong emphasis on innovative literacy and numeracy programs. Students learn essential reading, writing and mathematical skills through explicit teaching, using a differentiated and personalised approach. We up skill our students in developing their own personal learning goals in Literacy and Numeracy, and encourage the sharing of these at parent forums, knowing that ‘student voice’ and students owning their learning strongly impacts on academic growth.

Students learn about the world around them in Inquiry Learning (Creative and Critical Thinking), where they find and source answers to the big questions that are introduced at the beginning of each term. This approach places emphasis on the development of research skills, independent decision making, critical and creative thinking, problem solving, curiosity, negotiation, cooperative learning and reflection. This balanced curriculum ensures that all domains and educational priorities are addressed.

At Anakie, we use technology to support classroom teaching and learning through the daily use of quality ICT resources that include desktop, notebook and iPad devices. These devices are available for use throughout all areas of the school curriculum, and align with the Department of Education’s initiative: Learning Anywhere – Anytime.

As an eSmart school, students learn eSmart practices about being safe when using technology. We are proud of this accreditation and work hard to ensure that students are exposed to the world of Information Technology in a positive, safe and engaging manner.

Programming – Mixed Ability Groupings

At Anakie Primary School, we aim to keep teacher/student ratios as low as possible. When we work out our groupings, we aim for a balance of ability levels, gender and other factors. We teach to the individual child and use Individual Learning Goals for every student in Reading, Writing and Numeracy. This ensures that every child is working at their own point of need. Class groupings vary from year to year, depending on enrolment numbers across the school and within year levels. We believe in making adjustments to cater for difference, and develop Individual Learning Plans for students who are deemed as being ‘at risk’ in their learning.

To ensure all students feel a part of our school community, we offer regular sessions where classes work together on activities that require strong collaboration.   Activities may include personal development sessions, special celebration days or activities to promote our school values.

The greatest strength at Anakie Primary School is its incredible students, and we pride ourselves on promoting a culture where all students look out for, and support one another to succeed.

Anakie Primary School