Our Vision, Values and Mission


Anakie Primary School is a community of learners who support and encourage each other to achieve their personal goals and be the best that they can be.


The school values are – have RESPECT, be RESPONSIBLE, show RESILIENCE and aim for EXCELLENCE.

  • At Anakie Primary School we RESPECT others, ourselves, our school and the environment around us.
  • We show RESPONSIBILITY with everything we do and make safe and sensible choices.
  • We show RESILIENCE when things don’t go to plan and bounce back with a positive attitude.
  • We aim for EXCELLENCE in our learning, trying hard at all times to be the best person we can be!


The school is committed to providing high quality instruction within a supportive teaching and learning environment.  We have an innovative learning environment in place, with a caring, personalised approach to student wellbeing.   

Whilst we are a small setting, Anakie Primary School prides itself on being able to offer a wide array of opportunities to students.  In addition to the core Victorian Curriculum, students benefit from the MARC (Mobile Area Resource Centre) program to explore literacy through performance, participate in events organised in partnership with the Moorabool Valley Association (a cluster of local small schools), and a specialist program in the areas of Visual Arts, Physical Education and Indonesian.  

Anakie Primary School is continually evaluating student and school needs, planning future developments, and is dedicated to delivering high level teaching and learning opportunities to ensure the best possible outcomes for our students and school community.