School Wide Positive Behaviour


We know that students learn best when they are happy, healthy and feel supported through a safe environment and positive relationships. Being a small setting, school connectivity is very important to us. We are proud of our warm and engaging school environment, which prides itself on ensuring that all members of staff ensure that students feel valued and cared for.

All children interact positively across all year levels, and our staff know all of our learners. This feature of our small rural community is valued and encouraged.

Our Values:
Our school values program operates within the highly successful School Wide Positive Behaviour Framework. The school values of have RESPECT, be RESPONSIBLE, show RESILIENCE and aim for EXCELLENCE are explicitly taught, and students are rewarded for demonstrating positive behaviour. Students who earn a reward token place these in their House reward container. These tokens are counted up at the end of each fortnight, and totals are celebrated at our whole school assembly.

We believe that every member of the school community has rights, needs and responsibilities. Children come to school to learn, and making mistakes is an important part of this journey. We support our students to learn from their mistakes, whilst establishing high expectations to ensure that all students can be safe, happy and learn. We expect all members of the school to make positive, age appropriate choices.

Anakie Primary School is a committed learning community and has a vision to continue to promote a safe and positive learning environment. There is a strong commitment to the community, and high expectations are in place across all levels to achieve positive school outcomes.

Our Mindfulness program helps students to be in touch with the present moment, and be aware of what is present in their mind, heart and body. Daily whole school sessions have been proven to support wellbeing and reduce anxiety by students being more ‘present’ and curious through short, simple exercises. We have already seen the benefits of Mindfulness, by students being able to quickly deescalate from the busyness of the yard following lunch break, enjoy clearer thinking, improved decision making and be better attuned to their thoughts and emotions.

Structured Play:
We strongly believe in catering to the needs of all students, and sometimes playgrounds can be a busy place. As such, we offer students a Structured Play Program during recess breaks twice a week. These sessions offer students the opportunity to play and collaborate in a safe and supervised indoor setting, which encourages cooperation and positive interaction. Student may engage in board games, construction, quiet reading or calm coloring, with supervising staff joining in on these sessions to build stronger student/teacher relationships.