A message from the School Council president

WOW term three is certainty in full swing.

Our children are so lucky to be given so many wonderful opportunities at Anakie Primary.

They have had numerous incursions and excursions already this term, and there are so many more in the pipe lines for the remainder of the year.

The big highlight of this term has certainly been the near completion of the new outdoor nature play space.

Not many schools have the space , or opportunity to have such an incredible resource that our kids can “ just be kids” and get outside and be amongst nature and get dirty ( maybe stock up on some extra washing powder next shopping trip haha).

This space has not been put together overnight, and has been a vision for so many past and present, staff, parents and students alike. So I hope all those that have contributed to this project coming to fruition, can come past and see for themselves just how AMAZING it really is.

Our new and upcoming focus, is on ROAD SAFETY. This is a well known hazard not only in our school but in our community. If you have any feed back, ideas or input you would like to put forward regarding this focus, and keeping all our children, families and staff safe, please free to contact myself or Louise.

In the meantime, we ask that all parents set a good example when approaching the school, especially during drop off and pick up time when the speed limit is 40KM .

Enjoy the rest of the term.

Jessica Capon

Anakie Primary, School Council President