Principal's Report

Week 4 is almost done - and students are definitely feeling a mid term level of tiredness. It is vital during these colder months, and shorter days, that we have consistent routines to support our little kids growing minds and bodies. Promoting good sleep and eating habits is something that we can all do to support them.

Over the past week the I have been in contact with a number of groups to bring awareness to road safety. Consistently we are seeing cars and trucks going well over the 40km speed limit during drop off and pick up times, creating a safety hazard for our families. Since the highway patrol has been sitting at the front of the school, we have been blown away by how slow 40km actually is! We thank our families for their support with the parking madness, and not utilising the opposite side of the road which is a no-standing zone. We will continue to campaign for our school with the City of Greater Geelong, Victoria Police, Vicroads and the local members of parliament. We are also looking at changing the back of our school sign to a road safety message to replace our values for a short duration of time.

I have been absent from Anakie a few days over the past few weeks, and this will continue for a few more weeks this term. I have been participating as a challenge partner at Lara Lake Primary School, which has seen me offsite for 4 days. This has been a great learning opportunity for me to see another school through the review process. I am also undertaking some professional learning relating to my principal role which will allow me to continue to grow as a leader and support our staff, students and the broader community.

At our school council meeting on Monday evening, we had a discussion around uniforms. The council have made some suggestions of some changes to the uniform list, which we will closely consult with our families. We will seek feedback, and also will be looking at the uniform policy closely at our next meeting at the end of August. As a school council, the aim is to streamline the list to reduce the amount of options, whilst offering affordable alternate optoins to our families. Please keep an eye out for this information in the next few weeks.

Over the next fortnight you will be receiving links to two different surveys. Firstly, the OSHC survey - we want to find out everything that you feel about the service to ensure that we are doing the best that we can. Secondly, the Department of Education conducts a Parent Opinion Survey each year. I will be sending this link out to all families in the Anakie PS community, not just a selected group. As a school we would appreciate families taking the time to provide us with feedback on these surveys. We take on your responses to support us in our future planning, and to ensure that we are providing you with all you need as a parent, whether it relates to communication, academic programs, or the social and emotional wellbeing of your child.

Last Friday member of Grade 5/6 and the Junior School Council were lucky to participate in National Tree Planting Day. After last year's mammoth effort of planting the trees right around the school, we went for a more minimal approach this year, planting some natives and shrubs around the new play space. We once again thank Sarah & Bunnings Nth Geelong for their continued support of Anakie Primary School. Check out the some pictures below.

Don't forget that Book Week Dress Up is on Monday 21st August. We also have a Student Free Day on Friday 18th August - OSHC will run on this day, please keep an eye out for booking requests. There are lots of other dates filled in on our calendar - make sure you check them out at the following link:

Finally - congratulations to our F/1/2 students who are celebrating their 100 days of learning today - we will share more on this at assembly, and photos galore will be in our next newsletter!

Many thanks,

Louise Kahle

Student Awards

Congratulations to the following students who have received an award for demonstrating our values over the past fortnight:

GRADE F/1/2: Jesse Quarrell - Well done Jesse for putting in effort and aiming for EXCELLENCE while writing your procedural texts. You have been trying hard to be the best learner you can be, always giving yourself an extra challenge in your writing. I hope you are super proud of your efforts. Keep it up! Mrs Watt.

GRADE 3/4: Alex Bubb - Alex is a role model for displaying our school values of Respect and Resilience, always treating others with kindness and never giving up in the face of challenges. We feel incredibly fortunate to have Alex in our class, and he is highly valued for the positive influence he brings to our school community.

GRADE 3/4: Carrick Holden - Since coming back to school this term, Carrick has been fantastic in showing our school's values of Responsibility and Excellence. He's been responsible with his learning and has done an excellent job in all aspects of school life, setting a great example for everyone.

GRADE 5/6: Aidan Quarrell - Aidan, you are a Responsible student who always demonstrates Respect to your teachers and peers. Your careful attention to detail in presenting your work, such as your Parts of Speech analysis, shows that you also embrace the value of Aiming for Excellence. Well done!

GRADE 5/6: Ryder Bevans - Ryder, this term you have made a strong start in applying yourself to learning. You have practised Resilience when work is challenging and Aimed for Excellence in handwriting and the class debate. You have also shown Responsibility with improved attendance. Keep it up!

ART: Charlize Vasils - For demonstrating fantastic persistence when making your Paper Mache sculpture. Charlize it was impressive to see you go back so many times to make it even better! Amazing.

ART: Riley Rowe - For demonstrating amazing persistence when making your Paper Mache sculpture. Riley you went back so many times and worked so hard to make it even better! Amazing.

AUSLAN: Quinn Heskett - Quinn it is amazing to see you so interested and knowledgeable in AUSLAN that you created an Auslan Kahoot at home. You did such a great job too! Well done.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Ryder Bevans - For amazing resilience during our AFL sessions. Ryder you didn't make excuses but instead launched yourself in and participated the best you could. Well done!

PRINCIPAL'S AWARD: Carrick Holden - Well done, Carrick. You demonstrate respect and excellence each day. From the moment you walk through the gate in the morning with a big smile, you are a great friend and classmate to your peers. Keep up the great work.

Wellbeing Update

The Wellbeing Team are excited with the start of lunchtime clubs this week. It was great to see students engage in a range of activities, promoting collaboration and teamwork. The clubs are a student run initiative, with our Grade 5/6 students faciliating the sessions each day - what great leadership the students have shown by volunteering their time with these clubs. The timetable is below, as well as a large group of students participating in a loom band activity.

Today’s presentation fromThe Resilience Project is all about Mindfulness.

Mindfulness is our ability to be present at any given moment. We practise this by using intentional awareness and concentrating on what you are doing when you are doing it.

Thousands of studies into Mindfulness indicate that with regular practise, Mindfulness can lead to benefits such as; reduced stress, reduced rumination, increased memory, increased cognitive function and physical health benefits through improved immunity.

View Part 4 of the series here:
Part 4 - Mindfulness:

Mindfulness can be practised through meditation, yoga, flow-states and daily activities such as cooking.
Source:UC Berkeley, Greater Good Science,American Psychological Association
For mental health resources and support information, visit The Resilience Project’s Support Page.

Now & Next

FREE support for busy parents of children with developmental concerns:
Email [email protected]
Plumtree is a not-for-profit, community-based organisation that helps families thrive.

Now & Next Group is time well spent. Parents are busy! The intensive group is starting on 28 August! It is completed in four weeks instead of eight—and is as effective as the standard course in delivering positive change for the whole family.
During the four-week evidence-based program, you can learn to:
* Achieve more positive outcomes with less effort
* Identify and build on your strengths and your child’s strengths to make a big impact
* Increase child and family well-being and resilience
* Use strategies that have worked for other families
Now & Next is facilitated by trained parent peer workers with lived experience in raising a child with a disability or delay.
Plumtree also facilitates FREE playgroups.

With thanks,

The Wellbeing Team

Brick Project

Anakie Primary School is excited to annouce our next major fundraiser. Our Parents & Friends committee, with support of the Junior School Council are seeking donations towards our Brick Project. You can choose one of two different designs for your brick, that will be located at the entrance to the school, where the current uneven brick path is leading to the basketball court. We encourage families and members of the community to get behind our latest fundraising project. You can choose to add a message of encouragement to your brick, such as 'Have a great day', or 'Keep smiling', or just your name, maybe the year you graduated from the school, your familiy name - the possibilities are endless. Please note that proofing will be completed by the PFA/School Council before the finalisation of orders. Please click on this link: Anakie PS Brick Project to view the flyer, and do not hesitate to contact the school if you have any questions.

Book Week

We are excited that Book Week is just around the corner. This years theme is Read, Grow, Inspire. We invite all students to dress up on Monday 21st August. We will be holding a whole school parade at 9:15am, followed by our fortnightly assembly that normally would be on the Friday prior, however we have our Student Free Day on the 18th August. We can't wait to see all our students dressed up!

A message from the School Council president

WOW term three is certainty in full swing.

Our children are so lucky to be given so many wonderful opportunities at Anakie Primary.

They have had numerous incursions and excursions already this term, and there are so many more in the pipe lines for the remainder of the year.

The big highlight of this term has certainly been the near completion of the new outdoor nature play space.

Not many schools have the space , or opportunity to have such an incredible resource that our kids can “ just be kids” and get outside and be amongst nature and get dirty ( maybe stock up on some extra washing powder next shopping trip haha).

This space has not been put together overnight, and has been a vision for so many past and present, staff, parents and students alike. So I hope all those that have contributed to this project coming to fruition, can come past and see for themselves just how AMAZING it really is.

Our new and upcoming focus, is on ROAD SAFETY. This is a well known hazard not only in our school but in our community. If you have any feed back, ideas or input you would like to put forward regarding this focus, and keeping all our children, families and staff safe, please free to contact myself or Louise.

In the meantime, we ask that all parents set a good example when approaching the school, especially during drop off and pick up time when the speed limit is 40KM .

Enjoy the rest of the term.

Jessica Capon

Anakie Primary, School Council President